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​Years of racing experience are combined with the creativity and insight of skilled designers. This is what creates Marchesini wheels, designed for all motorcycle enthusiasts who want the best in appearance and performance from their bikes.

Lightness comes first. A quick comparison of the weight of Marchesini wheels and those of OE wheels of the major European and Japanese brands demonstrates this. With aluminium wheels, there is weight reduction that goes from 15% to 30%, whereas with magnesium, it reaches over 40%.

High technology as well as a distinctive style and design: you can recognise a motorcycle with Marchesini wheels immediately. Class is combined with a sporty nature: this creates a perfect and unique blend that will become a benchmark for anyone who loves technology and aesthetic beauty.

The products in the “Performance” range are directly based on those used in major motorcycling championships but are also suitable for road use. For this reason, we recommend using them on both the track and the road*.  

(*) Where permitted by law.