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‚ÄčIf Marchesini wheels are chosen by the best teams competing in the MotoGP, SuperBike, SuperMotard and Endurance Championships, there is a good reason for it: it lies with the high quality of the products manufactured by a company whose main aim is to achieve excellent performance.

Wheels, together with tyres, are the most important unsuspended rotating mass on a motorcycle. Making this mass lighter means that you have a series of benefits which are the key to achieving top performance.

This is especially true when cornering. Here, the brakes must work on a reduced weight and obviously, they are more efficient. Then there's driveability: by reducing the gyroscopic effect, the motorcycle changes direction more easily. Finally, top speed and acceleration also benefit from the maximum lightness and high rigidity of Marchesini wheels. 

Seeking maximum performance is an indelible part of Marchesini's DNA. That is why the entire company business is geared towards offering strong emotions to the motorcyclists that choose its products